Friday, 10 May 2013

Hello everyone!

This is a blog about books. It seems that they have always been in our lives. For many centuries they have represented and reflected human culture and constituted an integral part of human life.

The history of books goes back to about four thousands years before our century. Initially, books were hand-written on special boards made of clay, wood and ivory. The second stage was making use of papyrus and, subsequently, parchment. Then there was the era of wood-engraved books. The first half of the 15th century saw the invention of printing and since that time books have become very popular and accessible.

Nowadays, books are indispensable in everyone’s life. They broaden the mind and they are an important source of information and knowledge about the world. They perform a useful service to people, teaching and entertaining them. Furthermore, they communicate the feelings, experiences and provide important evidence of human thought. They also record past events and make history more vivid and alive. Finally, they preserve cultural bonds and this is probably the most significant of their advantages.

Books are helpful in a wide variety of situations. They do not only inform but also protect people from boredom. Whenever we are ill or when we have to spend long hours on a train or bus, books seem to be irreplaceable. We may also take them on our holidays and enjoy the pleasure of getting involved in them while lying on a beach and sunbathing. Sometimes during lonely evenings when there is nobody to talk to, books become a partner of conversation. Furthermore, they may be helpful when one has a serious problem and looks for a possible solution or wants consolation. Books are also a way out for those who want to escape from the real world into fiction and forget about their everyday problems and stresses.

There are many kinds of books that satisfy every age and taste. The first group is colourful books for children; fairy-tales, stories, comics and so on. The second large group is books for grown-ups. They may be roughly divided into scientific books and works of fiction. The aim of scientific books, such as encyclopedias, lexicons, guides or professional books is to inform while works of fiction, such as novels, detective stories, adventure books, sagas, diaries and so on serve to entertain. The great variety of books means that everyone may find something interesting.

Some people say that books are our greatest friends. They are right. Books have served us for centuries and they have never let us down. 

My dear readers, thanks to this blog I would like to promote almost every kind of literature. I am Polish so you will be able to find here books written in Polish. Maybe in this way I will encourage you to read books in this language. You will also meet some Polish writers and their books. I hope that in this way I will promote the Polish literature all over the world. Apart from that I am going to describe books written in different language than Polish, especially in English, Spanish or German. I have always dreamed about writing about books and literature in English. My reviews are going to appear here once or twice a week. For the Polish readers I lead two blogs. One of them is about books (click here) and the second one is about history of my country and the world (click here). 

I hope that you will have a great time visiting me here. The first review will be shown soon. 

If you want to be one of the authors of this blog, just let me know!


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